Wednesday, January 11, 2006

my dog's health

Housecleaning first.Your kind words and questions about my dog's health are appreciated. Right now, Dottie is under a doctor's care but her surgery has been put on hold while she is treated for hypothyroidism. I keep asking her to share the drugs but she ignores me. Junior Tuesday is history. Howard Dean is circling the drain. Somebody wrote me the following words about Dick Hawley that I thought I'd share: Time is taking them away from us. But I must tell you, that while I never saw his work, it's people like Dick Hawley that led me to this profession. And through all of the ups and downs that can come in news...I've never regretted making this my life. Television news is a wild roller coaster of a're're scared...sometimes you're angry...and when the ride comes to an want to get right back on. Pretty good stuff.Regarding the Superbowl. Great football game, silly half time show. I can't decide what was more offensive....the crotch-grabbing rap singer, the hill-billy rock singer with an American flag for a shirt or the psuedo "wardrobe malfunction." I have enjoyed the headlines on the Google news site. So many double entendres, so little time before the story is tiresome. I know I'm over it.Found out about a great new journalism website. I bookmarked it and that's saying a lot for me. I love Common Sense. Why is it in such short supply?Good luck on your February efforts. Use some common sense, ok?